Get Ready To Learn To Trade

Risk comes from not knowing what you are doing.

— Warren Buffett

My Life Is Getting Ready To Change

I went from broke and in thousands of dollars in debt to still being thousands of dollars in debt (Special thank you to Howard University) but being able to comfortably make a 5% – 40% return on my investment every day. Yes… I said every day. Yesterday I invested $1,000 and made $400 in about an hour and a half. In two weeks I will be keeping $5,000 invested so stay tuned to see how that goes. Before we get into all of that investing stuff however, I want us to go back 16 years to around 2003.

        *Pretend it’s 2003, and I live in what most consider ‘The Ghetto’*

My dad was driving my mom and I to our house after going to the store for groceries when something I will never forget happened. We were on the block we lived on… getting ready to pull into our driveway when a car skirted in front of us and three guys opened fire at our house. Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Shots from a 9mm pistol, Mac 11, and a gun I don’t know the name of cracked into the air like the fireworks of a fourth of July show. We all survived and none of us got hurt but imagine trying to sleep in the house that night as a 5 year old. Imagine walking into your home, a place you should feel safe, but instead you are walking in fear of the shooters returning. Picture seeing bullets lodged into the walls of your favorite places in the house to play with your toys. 

Just knowing that if we would have gotten home 5 minutes earlier, I could have lost either my life or the life of one of my parents was something that was just hard for me to deal with, even at 5. Now I know this is not the typical start to an investment blog but i’m not your typical investor (technically I’m not an investor at all, moreso a trader, but we will get into that later). Nor am I your typical college student. Is it because of my past experiences? Or maybe my deep feeling of gratitude? Or my lack of skepticism? I really do not know, but listen, I am saying all of this to make the point despite your background, you can learn to trade like I have. I have had a rollercoaster of experiences growing up. Some days were hard and unimaginable and others were pure bliss. So before you label me as “lucky in the stock market” or “privileged” I want you to understand that making money in the market is not determined on your upbringing. It is determined by your ability to be resilient and disciplined.

*Fast forwarding back to modern day* 

If you can be resilient and disciplined then you can learn to know exactly when to buy and sell. Just like I did in the screen shot below. Remember I am no better or worse than you and anything that I do in the market, you can learn to do as well.

Now let’s back it up. I am a numbers person so I want to break down the numbers for you guys to explain the amount I am potentially going to be making in comparison to the average investor or investment company. 

The average ROI (definition’s are down below) when someone puts their money into the stock market is 10% annually. So if they invested $100,000 they would make $10,000 a year. Pretty good right? Well what if I told you I make 10% a day? Well… let’s be conservative and use my weekly goal of 10 percent a week. This means if I were to invest $100,000, I would make $40,000 a month, and that is a conservative estimate. So in the words of an african american millennial “I might have just done something(translation located below).” Below shows how much the average person makes from investing a year vs what I am projected to make every month.

If you are like most people you are probably pretty skeptical and are wondering if this is scalable. Well I guess you have to subscribe and keep reading the blogs to find out but I am confident this is. I started with $100 and was making my goal. Then I scaled up to $500, and now $1,000. Next is $5,000, then $10,000, then $25,000, then $100,000. So as of now, it has been scalable. The next things you are probably wondering are, what in the world am I investing in that is allowing me to get these 40% returns in a day, am I rich, is this a scam, and how long have I been learning how to trade. I will answer all these questions in my next blog. So look out for my next post this Wednesday September 11, 2019.

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