“I Don’t Have Time To Trade”

Quick side note before we get into this post. I will be posting random memes that have nothin to do with what I am talking about but I thought they were funny so yeah haha…

Elon Musk, Gary Vee, Jeff Bezos, and many others are CEOs of multiple large companies that have well over 500 employees that they manage. Why did I list these people? The reason is because they spend countless hours on their business, yet they all find time to be with their family and enjoy life. If this group of CEOs can find time, I am sure you can too. A better thing for me to talk about then, is why you or someone you know may feel as though they do not have time to learn. So lets hop into it.

Many people see me trade and they say “Man I would love to trade but I just don’t have time to learn.” My response is almost always “Yeah, I feel you. Well good luck with what you are currently working on.”

See I don’t even entertain the conversation of people telling me they don’t have time. I definitely do not judge them for saying it because at one point in time, I said the same thing, but I am not going to waste my breath explaining to them how they have time. Now I am going to take you guys through the main reason why you or your friends may not feel like they have time to learn to trade.

Many of us have busy lives and there are things we want to do but feel like our current obligations are too large for us to pursue anything else. The reason this is so, is the same reason why when you have a project due in 24 hours that you were supposed to have been working on for weeks, you buckle down and get it done in 24 hours. As humans we are programmed to take up the entire time we are allotted to finish a task. For example: If we are given 1 week to finish a 5 page paper…it will probably take a week for us to finish it but if we were given that same 5 page paper due in 24 hours, we would still finish it with pretty much the same quality. Because of this, unless we are intentional about our time and value our time, we will never have an abundance of it. 

People join clubs and play sports though, so why do people feel like they have time for those but not for trading? The reason why is because we make time for what we value and most people can’t comprehend the value of trading. I personally do not know many ways of making money that give you as much of an upside as trading does in such a short amount of time. On top of that, once you become good at trading, you can make a full time income with 1-4 hours of “work” a day. People see value in joining clubs, playing sports, and going to college but they can not see the value of making money online. 

It is not their fault though. Think about it. All of our lives we have been taught the importance of looking good on paper (on our resume) and going to college, and being a part of a club, but when were you taught the value of trading and online forms of making money? Probably not until the past few years and that’s if you are lucky.

If you are a person struggling to see the value in trading, I want you to understand this. Going to college is 4 years of investment to make money only when you give an additional 8 hours of your life out a day. Trading is something you can learn, if you learn from the right person, in 3-24 month and once you master the skill, you can always use it to make money.

I hope this brought you value. Remember to Get In, Get Out, and Get you a bag! Follow my Instagram @TheeDailyTrader

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