Get In, Get Out, and Get You a Bag

Hey guys. I just wanted to send an update out. I have decided that as a group we should start saying “Get In, Get Out, and Get You A Bag.” The reason why we are saying this is because it represents trading and our future trading course.

It pertains to trading because when you are getting into a trade, the goal is to get in the trade, make you profit and then get out before the market starts going against you. Once you are out, the goal is that you have made a profit and therefore secured/got the bag! I like this so I am going to be saying this at the beginning and end of all my videos.

This also relates to our future training course because when I have a course I don’t want anyone to waste time. Everyone should Get In and learn how to become profitable traders, Get Out in the real world by trading and Secure/Get the bag by making a good side/full-time income trading.

Alright y’all. I just wanted to make this announcement and say Get In, Get Out, and Get You a Bag.

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