Learn To Trade in 5 Minutes (Super Simple)

I am going back to the first thing I learned when I was trying to predict the future price of a stock or of cryptocurrency. This strategy I learned in about 2-5 minutes and it’s one that I want to share with you all. I will be posting a video that goes with this post explaining this strategy soon, but for now I hope you can get value out of this.

This trading strategy is simple, you are going to have two lines on your chart. One line will be red and one line will be blue. When the red line is on top, you short or sell your stocks. When the red line in below the blue line, you buy. Now we will get into what the lines are later but here is the chart pointing an arrow at where you would short (make money as the price falls in value).

The line pointing down is where you short and the line pointing up is where you take profit. Now to get these red and blue lines on your graph simply go to tradingview.com. Then add a WMA (weighted moving average on your chart). If you don’t know how to then watch a short video on youtube and you will learn how to very quickly. Next I want you to set the setting and put in “ “Close 34” and change the color to red in the style section. The other one should be “Close 13” color should be blue.

And that’s it. Now you guys have a way to predict the market! I hope that helps! I’ll see you guys tomorrow for another blog. Remember to follow my instagram @TheeDailyTrader

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