Minor Set Back For a Major Comeback

Daily Traders. A beautiful time is coming upon us right now. A time where a lot of people who know what they are doing are going to make a lot of money and people who do not know what they are doing are going to lose a lot of money. 

We are going to be a part of the group that makes money. We are going to be investing in crypto currency. After many hours of studying and working I have come up with a possible outcome for bitcoins next couple moves. This is not financial advice and I am not suggesting you put your money in this but I want to let you know what I see.

First I want to welcome my new readers. If you are new to the blog, my name is Trav and I invest in stocks, gold, and cryptocurrency. I started this blog because I have been able to make anywhere from 5%-40% a day in profit. To put this in lame terms, I am making what the professionals make a year, every single week. I love helping people so I figured creating a financial blog and YouTube channel would help me to spread my knowledge to others in a super simple way. Sidenote: I write how I talk rather than writing grammatically correct in every instance so I can add more character to my posts and because writing and english are by far my weakest subject.

I see bitcoin selling off (going down in value) until it gets to $6,840 and then I see it shooting up to $7,700. I will keep you all updated with this trade but I want you guys to see my trades in action every once in a while. If you are looking to purchase Bitcoin, you can do so on an app called coinbase. If you have not made an account yet, you can use this link. This link will give a free $10 of bitcoin with the purchase of your first $100 of any crypto. (Side note: I am stacking up on XRP right now for the long term because that cryptocurrency has one of the most promising futures as far as returns go right now.)

Bitcoin chart

I will see you guys soon for a more in depth update. If you want to follow my trades in real time, follow my Instagram @TheeDailyTrader

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