My Favorite Trading Book

So books are amazing and anyone who reads can tell you that. Choosing the right book to read is a struggle however and it’s something I struggle to do. Why? Because I do not inherently like reading. It’s something I’m trying to get into because I see how much value there is. So I am going to tell you guys which book I recommend. 

This book is both interesting and helpful when it comes to trading. Now I was not expecting to hear all this mumbo jumbo he was talking about and I didn’t want to do what he was saying as he described it but I mimicked other things to get the same end result. I know that’s really confusing haha but just check out the book and it will help you to control your emotions better ok?

The book is called Trading Beyond The Matrix by Van Tharp. There may be a free pdf of the book so look for that first, but if not just get it off amazon or if you prefer an audiobook like me. Hope you guys enjoy the read, I will see you all soon.

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